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Islamic Site Islamic magazine
Islamic magazine
Features a display of the Qur'anic text in `Uthmanic Calligraphy, with recitation, the most famous interpretations, and other information services. It provides translation of the meaning of the holy Qur'an in six languages. 
Comprehensive encyclopedia that includes more than 62.000 of the Prophet's hadiths. It provides explanation, information features, and an account of Hadith Terminology. 
Introduces the rules that govern Islamic financial transactions classified according to their subjects. It provides scholarly indexing and multi-level search. Fatwas can be accessed according to the legal institution that delivered them. 
[Arabic only] 
Quickly calculates the Zakah share due on one's property, with the explanation of Zakah terminology and possibility to print reports. 
[Arabic only] 
Comprehensive library that includes 500 volumes of Islamic Jurisprudence. It provides a number of indexes, different search types, and subject analysis. 
[Arabic only] 
Presents a large number of questions covering various fields of Islamic knowledge. 
[Arabic only] 
Explains the rituals of Hajj and `Umrah according to the Four Schools of Jurisprudence, with pictures and video shots and gives a separate approach to the Prophet's Farewell Hajj. Contents can be accessed in seven languages. 
Enables you to search for Islamic topics in the Holy Qur'an and the Prophet's Tradition, and displays the search result in an easy way.